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Monday, April 29, 2013


Now I have always appreciated local wildlife everywhere I have been in all my travels. I love birds particularly, cats, dogs, cows with funny horns, name it. I have even been interested in bugs, especially strange and unusual ones, however, I have never, ever, ever found room in my heart for cockroaches!!! I hate everything about them, especially the way they move in that cockroachy, scuttery, trying to hide kind of way! And the noise and mess they make when you squash them........yuk! So I have felt particularly under attack this week as we have had no less that 5 in our room. How is it that they can still move after being sprayed several times with toxic chemicals which send me and my DH into fits of coughing? And why do their legs still twitch when you do eventually see them stop running? And why oh why do they run behind the wardrobe and I can't tell if they are dead or hiding, ready to make another bid for freedom as soon as my back is turned?
Today, Sarah, the lovely lady who cleans the room found 3 dead bodies behind the wardrobe so at least I know they are not going to scare me again. And yes, one of them was still twitching!!!
When I get to heaven I'm going to ask God.....why cockroaches???


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